ISO 14001 was first published in 1996 and specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system. It applies to those environmental aspects which the organization has control and over which it can be expected to have an influence. ISO 14001 is often seen as the corner stone standard of the ISO 14000 series. AER Malaysia obtained ISO 14001 certification as of July 31, 2007. AER Worldwide has long been dedicated to demonstrating conformance and ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations. For AER’s new and existing clients, ISO 14001 registration may become a contractual requirement in both the United States and the European Community. Recyclers that meet ISO 14001 standards maintain a competitive lead in the electronic waste arena by establishing a concern for the environment. With AER Malaysia now 14001 certified the facility can expect increased confidence from customers and profit from the market for green products and services. As each day passes the concern for the environment increases exponentially, AER Worldwide is dedicated to leading the market in environmentally sound electronic waste recycling.