AER Worldwide

Data Security

Protect data, recover value, and recycle responsibly, anywhere in the world.

AER’s industry leading hardware retirement process ensures that every IT asset received is handled and processed with the utmost care. Our secure chain-of- custody procedures enable us to eliminate the risk for environmental and data security liabilities associated with the handling of IT assets. Depending on your organization’s risk tolerance, AER can offer a data-security solution to satisfy even your most demanding business requirements.

Ensuring data

Today more than ever, retiring end-of- life assets poses a considerable amount of risk and responsibility. Ensuring that data is securely removed from all storage devices protects not only your own data, but also that of your employees and customers. In addition, secure data sanitization is a key element to AER’s Reverse Logistics Management Solution.

Secure Transport
and Facilities

AER follows industry best practices when transporting IT assets to one of our global facilities. By using our own trucks or pre-qualified third party carrier, we assume all liability for your equipment and guarantee its safe delivery to one of our facilities. Additionally, the security of your data and end-of- life materials is always our primary concern. Our facilities are access controlled using proximity cards, photo ID badges, metal detectors, Closed Circuit TV and manned guard posts, all of which ensure maximum protection of your sensitive data prior to its destruction.


AER Worldwide understands the need for secure destruction of proprietary and data bearing equipment. As one of our value added programs we offer on-site, witnessed hard drive destruction services without charging a premium for the service.

Data Capture /

AER Worldwide understands the critical role IT Asset Disposition Reporting plays in asset management and global compliance. We offer a full suite of customized, real-time environmental and financial reports online, allowing you to stay informed and take a proactive approach to ITAD decision-making.


AER Worldwide has also been purchasing excess and obsolete electronic components, hardware and peripheral inventories since our inception in 1996. We have the expertise to work with customers to alleviate them of unwanted product, allowing them to immediately get assets out of their warehouse and off their books, which helps to free up underutilized funds and resources.