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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions Management

At AER, we understand the importance of the Reverse Logistics process and are prepared to find solutions for your reverse supply chain, as well as take on the management for organizations so they can be confident that it’s done with safety, security, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Within this process, AER provides the following services to their customers:

Logistics Management: When moving our customer’s IT assets from their location to our closest facility, AER is constantly looking at ways to minimize cost while also maintaining strict safety and security protocol, and abiding by any internal requirements as well. These services include Secure Transportation, On-Site Pick-pack, and International Transportation.

Compliance Management / Take-Back and Reporting: Take-Back Regulatory Compliance over multiple governmental jurisdictions is a complex, often daunting, task. AER Worldwide, along with our Global Compliance Partners, removes the complexity from this process by providing cost-efficient, environmentally sound solutions that meet all legislative obligations and imposed customer requirements.

Internal Reuse Programs: When offices close down or specific departments within an organization do not have available space to store their still-in-circulation equipment, we can pick up, store and re-deploy that equipment for our clients on an as needed basis.