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ITAD Services

ITAD Services

In today’s global business environment, the challenges to protect data and assets have grown exponentially. To mitigate the risk and protect the data and the assets, AER Worldwide provides onsite pick/pack solutions. With this AER IT asset disposition solution, customers can benefit control and protection from their facility to our AER doors.

AER customers can be assured that their data, and their customer’s data is safe not only in your facility, but in transit, through out triage process and throughout the entire end cycle of the assets.

AER Worldwide’s strategically placed, global ISO-14001 certified facilities allow for a comprehensive set of customizable solutions to handle the disposition of your electronic assets in a manner that is secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Secure Transportation
  • On-site Pick-pack
  • International Transport
  • Data Security
  • Screen & Test
  • Data Capture / Reporting
  • Value Recovery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Data Theft
  • Dumping
  • Storage Costs

AER Worldwide can mitigate those risks and provide customized global solutions to handle your entire end-of-life material management needs.  Assets that cannot be reused or remarketed are recycled using our ISO 14001 certified processes and are de-manufactured, separating the components by primary materials and using them to generate commodity-grade materials such as Plastic, Copper, Steel, Gold and other metals.

Remarketing Services

Since its inception in 1996, AER Worldwide has cultivated a strong, global network of buyers. This allows us to take advantage of the global market, increasing potential return to our client base. We can help you recover a portion of your initial IT Asset investment by both remarketing complete units and/or harvesting useable sub-components. Once we assess if the assets have value in the marketplace, we will try and attain the highest possible value for each asset and split the revenue generated from any sales. All transactions are reported back to you in a clear, transparent settlement summary.

Our goal is maximum asset recovery of excess electronic components and e-Waste stream, while eliminating downstream environmental liabilities.

Excess Inventory Management

Many Fortune 100 businesses rely on AER’s order fulfillment services and employee sales programs to make their end-of-life, reconditioned and surplus equipment available to qualified buyers. With AER, the entire process is turnkey. We handle everything from web sales to credit card processing, and shipping/fulfillment to RMAs.

AER’s web-based Asset Sharing Programs can even help you re-deploy equipment across your own enterprise, putting used equipment where it makes the most impact and saves the most on new equipment purchases.


Gain the highest return on your excess material by placing it on consignment with us.  AER will coordinate delivery of your product to one of our secure global processing facilities and provide a monthly accounting and payment for sold and unsold product. Daily updated consignment reports are also available on a password protected page on the AER Worldwide website.


AER Worldwide has also been purchasing excess and obsolete electronic components, hardware and peripheral inventories since our inception in 1996. We have the expertise to work with customers to alleviate them of unwanted product, allowing them to immediately get assets out of their warehouse and off their books, which helps to free up underutilized funds and resources.