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AER Worldwide was founded to provide second chances to IT Equipment and Consumer Electronics, giving our planet the chance it deserves. We do this by focusing our energy on process control, compliance management, materials management, repair, reconditioning, resell and recycling. We dedicate our energies to the Aftermarket Service, ITAD and Reverse Logistics industries to be a change agent in the way OEM and Retail companies manage their programs and products. We have been successful in delivering value to our many fortune 500 customers for over 20-years. We have done this by implementation of stringent processes and procedures, that are diligently managed and constantly updated to keep up with an ever-changing economy and industry. We have dedicated our efforts to the success of our founding principles by creating strong relationships with customers’ and understating their core values. Dedicating our efforts to Inspection, testing, refurbishment, repairing and resell through key e-commerce channels, we support the needs of our customers and keep to our core values of a greener earth and second chances. Only turning to recycling when the item is at the complete end of its lifecycle. Then and only then does recycling allow that item to continue it shelf life for many more years to come. Determining if AER Worldwide is the right partner for your take back program, returns initiative, ITAD or Recycling program, give us a look on our website, or reach out to us and let us understand your requirements and needs. We look forward to speaking with you.

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End Of Life And Retired IT Assets Recovery

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Electronics Recycling We Understand Your Needs

Every company works to provide the best solution for their investors as well as their customers. Protecting your brand and being a steward of a green planet go hand-in-hand in today’s world, and accomplishes your goals.  Partnering with AER Worldwide can help support those efforts. AER understands that in today’s business environment the needs and requirements of global companies are constantly changing. We have built a strong network globally, providing support to you supply chain and current needs. AER has global facilities that provide support for Reverse Logistics, ITAD and Recycling needs. We provide value add through take back, refurbishment, Testing, Repair, Resell and Recycling services. We provide recovery and help you recoup your investment through these services and our e-commerce sites, which include Amazon and e-Bay. Learn More…

Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity

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Reuse and Recycle – Regulations

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ITAD & Remarketing Services

AER Worldwide’s strategically placed global ISO-14001 certified facilities allow for a comprehensive set of customizable solutions to handle the disposition of your electronic assets in a manner that is secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible. We can help you recover a portion of your initial IT Asset investment by both remarketing complete units and/or harvesting useable sub-components.
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Supply Chain Solutions

At AER, we understand the pivotal role transportation and logistics play in the services we provide and are constantly looking at ways to minimize costs when it comes to the safety and security of our customers IT assets when moving them from point A to our closest facility.
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Data Security

Our secure chain-of-custody procedures enables us to eliminate the risk for environmental and data security liabilities associated with the handling of IT assets.
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