There are times when an organization needs to do a data center decommissioning. It is a complex task that requires coordination among several parties, especially if the data center is located at a colocation space. The parties include the colocation facility, equipment owner, and the disposal company. In order to have a successful data center decommissioning, there are several factors to take care of before the start of the process.

Before employing the services of a disposal company, the equipment owner must plan for the migration. There should be a definite start and end date before the physical data center decommissioning. The economic and staffing decisions are based on the time needed to remove the hardware from the location.

It is also important to clearly state the responsibility of every party involved in the data center decommissioning. In some cases, the equipment owner is responsible for listing the equipment, and the colocation facility will be in charge for disconnecting the electrical infrastructure of the data center. The owner of the data center will provide the logistics and workers to remove the hardware from the location.

During the data center decommissioning, it is also important to consider the security policy for the disposal of the storage media. There are instances in which the company might require all the storage media to be destroyed on site. If there are thousands of hard drives to destroy physically on site, there is a need to use several crushers. While the crushers are portable, they do need to be connected to an electric outlet. The process will ensure that the storage media is completely destroyed. And if there is a need to send the storage media to an off-site facility, the disposal company must ensure that the data is safe and secure during the transport.

Safety should be the priority during the data center decommissioning process. During the planning stage, risks must be identified. The Occupation Health and Safety Administration will also monitor worker safety, and steps must be taken to ensure that potential hazards are avoided. Workers must be told of the potential dangers so that they can complete the project without suffering any injuries. It is important to work with companies that are certified for the job.

Lastly, it is important to consider the expenses connected to the data center decommissioning. There are several factors that can affect the costs of the process, which include labor, supplies, and transportation expenses. A disposal company can maximize the value of the decommissioned hardware by selling it on the used equipment market. Before the start of the project, it is important to consider the budget first.

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