Researchers have come a long way in finding resources on our earth to get rid of waste.  In this article Fuel Made from Recycled Plastic could Power Ship Engines researchers have been able to take plastic waste, like plastic water bottles, and turn it into a fuel that can be used to power machines and engines. The phrase Reduce Reuse Recycle is a very familiar phrase among individuals and companies. Perhaps another word to include in this saying could be Reform. When you can take an old item and transform it into something new it’s called Recycling, but to take an old item that can be used as a source of energy, it seems to takes it one step further in the recycling world, to not only reuse the item but almost completely dissolve these once manufactured items into thin air.  As our world progresses, more and more items are being created and manufactured, but at the same rate, it seems scientists and researchers are finding more and more solutions on how to dispose of these items to avoid increased wear and tear on our planet earth.