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The Benefits of Reverse Logistics Outsourcing

Most retailers consider Reverse Logistics Outsourcing as an inevitable part of their business. Regardless of how awesome your items or services, and how your clients seem to be fulfilled and satisfied on what they are getting, somebody some place will... Read More

Fixing “Stuff” is Good – Repair

I recently came across this article titled “Even Muppets Repair Their Stuff” and although it may seem silly or immature, it made a great point. The article refers to the Fix-it shop that has been on the children’s television show... Read More

Electronics Remarketing

The quick pace of mechanical advancement directs steady electronics upgrades to organizations of all sizes and commercial ventures. In order to stay significant, numerous associations get themselves caught in the mounting heaps of outdated gadgets hardware. With the current design... Read More

How Crucial is it to Invest in Asset Recovery?

Among Chief Information Officers, Asset Recovery has become more of an essential component of their informational structure, layouts and overall architecture. This is why if your business heavily invests in data management, asset recovery should yet be another component which... Read More

Knowing How to Improve Your ITAM Processes

ITAM or IT asset management is a set of practices for your business that join contractual, inventory and financial functions to support the strategic decision-making and life cycle management for the entire IT environment. These assets include the entire hardware... Read More

Why Companies Should Match the ITAM/ITAD Process

In a world where technological advancements in IT are used to drive a variety of highly important and sensitive business processes, developing a working and optimized ITAM/ITAD process is essential. Today, companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of an... Read More

ITAMOrg and EXIN to Provide Certification for All ITAM

EXIN, the world’s leading provider for accrediting and certifying independent information management, and the ITAMOrg, the global membership organization which strengthens and develops IT Asset Management competencies and awareness of its best practices, forms a partnership to offer a complete... Read More

ITAM and the Enterprises

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) Software has become increasingly valuable at the enterprise level. As businesses continue to expand and evolve the processes involved in analyzing and maintaining assets, it has become continuously challenging to keep track of everything. Among... Read More

ITAM News: The Success of the Company Begins with the Visibility of the Inventory

Different company officials together with CIOs are very much aware of the way that the telecom foundations and IT within a distinct organization are developing at a massive rate, and access to the most current, precise and clean inventory is... Read More

IAITAM Day One Recap

Fremont, CA (May 12, 2016) – AER Worldwide is exhibiting at the IAITAM Spring Ace Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana this week.   The IAITAM Spring ACE has yet to disappoint!  The opening session was amazing as we had the chance to listen... Read More