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Recycling can Power Ships

Researchers have come a long way in finding resources on our earth to get rid of waste.  In this article Fuel Made from Recycled Plastic could Power Ship Engines researchers have been able to take plastic waste, like plastic water... Read More

IT Asset Management Efficiency

There are many parts of running a company that can be risky, and IT Asset Management (ITAM) is one of them.  As someone who is managing a company, this is one area you do not want to overlook.  Companies can save... Read More

Recycling – losing its momentum?

Recycling has always been in place for thousands of years.  However, it has become a more developing tendency since the 1970s.  During this decade, Earth Day was founded and the refundable deposit on bottles and cans was introduced. In the... Read More

Asset Management and Personal Data

As a customer, patient, client, member, patron, employee, or associate, we are constantly filling out and submitting confidential information, personal asset management is starting. As the school year starts, several information sheets are sent home to be filled out and... Read More

Upgrading a PC

Can I still upgrade from Vista to Windows 10, or should I buy a new pc? These are the words that any electronics manufacturer is happy to hear, in hopes that the customer will choose the latter. Software upgrades come... Read More

Recycling to Fuel our Engines

Recently there have been more and more articles on how trash and waste can be converted into useful materials. Researchers have come a long way in finding resources on our earth to get rid of all the waste we create.... Read More

Verizon to purchase Yahoo

Earlier this week, it was announced that Verizon would purchase Yahoo. This deal begins a new life for Yahoo, and the end of a chapter for one of the original independent search engines. The plan to merge Yahoo with old... Read More

Protecting Personal Information

When I first saw the title to this article on IT Asset Disposition, “Wait and see approach could be detrimental” (PoPI), I thought, well duh – isn’t that obvious…?  I was prepared to read a very elementary article on why... Read More

ITAM – Best If Outsourced

If your company is considering or in the process of looking for an IT Asset Management (ITAM) and/or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, this article gives you things to look for and think about. While some companies have considered using... Read More

The Benefits of Reverse Logistics Outsourcing

Most retailers consider Reverse Logistics Outsourcing as an inevitable part of their business. Regardless of how awesome your items or services, and how your clients seem to be fulfilled and satisfied on what they are getting, somebody some place will... Read More