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Plastic – A Waste Of Gold

Plastic was one of the best inventions.  When plastic was new, companies treated it like a gold mine. They realized that the material was cheap, easy to make and mold into any shape, and all around convenient. Plastic became a staple... Read More

Recycling is for Everyone

Recycling is important, and everyone, adults and children, need to do it. We need to start teaching children how to recycle. The earlier we start teaching children, the easier it will be for them.  If they grow up recycling, they will... Read More

Reverse Logistics

The term Reverse Logistics is still fairly new in the business world.  Many may think of it as reverse supply chain, returns management, or end-of-life management.  But those terms have limits.  Reverse Logistics includes many different aspects.  Basically, whatever happens to a... Read More

Sustainability: Small Progress is Some Progress

Sustainability has become a very important topic in the business world.  Sustainability means that we maintain the world we live. But in the way we found it.  We, as a people, need to be responsible.  Resources we use on the planet need to... Read More

Phone Battery Lifespan

Our phone battery is something that gets charged at least once a day, if not more. One of the selling features on cell phones is often how long the battery lasts between charges.  Many times the selling feature emphasizes the... Read More

Data Center Decommissioning

Data center Decommissioning has recently become an evolving function in the business world.  This is more than just IT Asset Disposal or Excess Inventory Management (including Remarketing and Consignment).  It’s about closing or merging a data center.  But without a huge lost... Read More

E-waste not made easy

In the year 2016, our world has come a long way when it comes to  manufacturing electronics and e-waste .  We’re at a time when electronics seems to be at their peak.  Then in the blink of an eye, more... Read More

Is your old cell phone being Recycled?

Cell phone recycling is not a new concept, yet it still isn’t a normal practice.  This is an article about the rise of phones and their life cycle.  It puts a lot of light and awareness to how much mobile phones are having an... Read More

Reverse Supply Chain – a continual problem

The phrase Reverse Supply Chain hasn’t been nearly as popular as the familiar business phrase, Supply Chain.  A Supply Chain is the process of getting a product from the manufacturer to the customer.  For years companies have perfected this process... Read More

Battery Recycling

When a battery loses its charge, and becomes useless, it needs recycling.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.  All too often, a dead battery is thrown in the trash, without a second thought.   Many consumers don’t even know that a battery should not be thrown in the... Read More