When I first saw the title to this article on IT Asset Disposition, “Wait and see approach could be detrimental” (PoPI), I thought, well duh – isn’t that obvious…?  I was prepared to read a very elementary article on why companies need to be careful about information protection.  With the amount of security breaches and identity theft that have happened in the past decade, one would think that companies are being extra careful, but that’s not always the case.

The PoPI Act is just one preventative measure that is out there to help in Cybercrime.  Companies need to be aware of these types of regulations and be sure to abide by them.  In addition – when companies are ready to dispose of unwanted or obsolete equipment, they also need to do so in a responsible and safe way.  Not only do they need to be environmentally conscious with the equipment, but they equally need to be aware of information protection.  Many companies will try to have their own IT team take care of this matter, to save on time, money, and resources.  However, without working with a professional ITAD team that already has a system in place and is aware of all the laws and regulations, it’s a real risk to the employees and company – and the severity of anything missed or going wrong can be so costly, it’s just not work that risk.

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