Plastic was one of the best inventions.  When plastic was new, companies treated it like a gold mine. They realized that the material was cheap, easy to make and mold into any shape, and all around convenient. Plastic became a staple in the manufacturing world.  In addition, plastic became the king of packaging materials.  Almost every product made either contained plastic, or came in a plastic package, if not both.  And then the product was sent home in a convenient plastic bag to be carried out of the store.  Plastic also became popular in the food industry, where easy breakable glass was often used.  It offered a safer and more convenient package.  Plastic was now here to stay.  And it was a welcome material.

With the manufacturing of more and more items in our industrial world, plastic was taking over.  This continued in our modern industrial world for many years.  Too many years.  Through time, the inhabitants of this planet realized that our landfills were overfilling.  And, unfortunately, plastic was the leading occupant. Plastic waste had become the norm. Through this time, we also came to realize that it takes a very long time, actually hundreds of YEARS, for plastic to decompose.  Therefore, our earth has become full of plastic waste, the doesn’t quickly, nor safely, decompose on its own.

So, we as humans, learn from our mistakes, and find solutions.  One solution is to find ways to reuse or recycle plastic products, packaging and containers.  The next is to think more sustain-ably.  How can we invent, develop, and create products that won’t harm our environment, but can do the opposite? Products that won’t affect our environment in any way.

This article displays the idea that scientists are trying to create a way to package food in a material that not only is safe for our environment, but is edible.  This way, there is absolutely no waste left from the product sold.  Leaving no trace of existence.  Imagine the amount of waste collection and landfill space that would not be used with food packaging being eliminated.  This is a remarkable and sustainable way of thinking.  In future development, it will need to be the normal way of thinking for all products and packaging.  So that we can keep this planet free of waste and harm.