If your company is considering or in the process of looking for an IT Asset Management (ITAM) and/or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, this article gives you things to look for and think about. While some companies have considered using their own IT department to handle and get rid of their unused or obsolete equipment, there are many risks in this option that need to be looked into and taken care of to avoid problems with safety, legislative compliance with the least minimal affect on the environment.

This article has a list of 10 questions that need to be considered when making this decision, and will open up many issues that your IT Department may not think of or know about. Many companies will consider a third-party ITAD/ITAM provider to take care of these issues who are already aware of these safety and legislative issues, and environmentally certified to make sure the equipment is handled and disposed of in the safest and greenest way possible.

Even when it seems simple enough to handle excess and end-of-life units, there is so much that needs to go into the protection of your companies and clients units, that one should not take this lightly.  Keep in mind that company’s you outsource to are experts.  They handle this everyday and know how to provide accurate process and reporting.


About AER Worldwide

AER Worldwide mitigates risk and provides global solution to handle your entire end-of-life materials management needs. We provide eco-friendly solutions and services throughout the entire IT product life cycle. Our Reverse Logistics efforts, or “aftermarket” services, help organizations after the initial sale and provide IT asset disposition support throughout the life of the equipment. With global locations, AER Worldwide will provide eco-friendly services, with certified brand protection techniques. To learn more about AER Worldwide, visit www.aerworldwide.com.