EXIN, the world’s leading provider for accrediting and certifying independent information management, and the ITAMOrg, the global membership organization which strengthens and develops IT Asset Management competencies and awareness of its best practices, forms a partnership to offer a complete certification program for ITAM.

EXIN is an ICT Competence Partner that helps individuals and businesses to achieve success by helping them learn and develop attitudes, knowledge and skills of their information and communications technology. They have acknowledged that ITAM is becoming one of the key factors to make a business successful.

This certification program is aimed at anyone who is new to the ITAM industry. IT administrators, CFO, and other attendees will get the chance to understand the purpose and concept of IT Asset Management. This program will also show them the many benefits of asset management in their ICT. Plus, participants of this program will get the chance to understand the complexities of IT operations when it comes to the hardware and software acquisitions and updates.

The certification program is also available for software asset managers who constantly work in small or big companies with multifaceted computing and technology environment. It’s designed to help SAM to effectively maintain and improve their current programs and help understand the IT Asset Management in their business.

Importance of Improving ITAM

Business process is important to ensure the success of any business, but within these processes are a set of information and communications technology that enables us to understand that lifecycle of our assets. ITAM is a business strategy that enables risk reduction, maximizing business revenue and cost control.

Because of the development of Social, Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile devices, it’s important that we continuously improve our ICT. People and businesses alike expect ICT to be the key enabler of opportunity and innovation. We should be able to do business anywhere and anytime.

It’s important that a business can protect their material investment to prevent the decrease of revenue and loss of company money. ITAM helps ensure that organizations can have control over their existing assets like infrastructure, software, information, human resource, and services.

It’s important that the employees know what assets they have, where to find it, how to manage it, how to customize it according to situations and how they can understand and make a report on their installed software and network of hardware.

EXIN had made a framework for their certification program, this includes the following. Managing and implementing the current business administration for it to improve. The run phase enables the maintenance, support and provision of the services, solutions and products deployed and delivered; lastly, supporting all the activities within the information and communication technology process for improved strategy.

About AER Worldwide

AER Worldwide mitigates risk and provides global solution to handle your entire end-of-life materials management needs. We provide eco-friendly solutions and services throughout the entire IT product life cycle. Our Reverse Logistics efforts, or “aftermarket” services, help organizations after the initial sale and provide IT asset disposition support throughout the life of the equipment. With global locations, AER Worldwide will provide eco-friendly services, with certified brand protection techniques. To learn more about AER Worldwide, visit www.aerworldwide.com.