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IT Asset Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Every company regardless of its size and scope has a particular set of requirements ranging from the type of equipment to the level of services requested. At AER, we understand the pivotal role transportation and logistics play in the services we provide and are constantly looking at ways to minimize costs when it comes to the safety and security of our customer’s IT assets when moving them from point A to our closest facility.

Remarketing Services

Since its inception in 1996, AER Worldwide has cultivated a strong, global network of buyers.  This allows us to take advantage of the global market, increasing potential return to our client base.  We can help you recover a portion of your initial IT Asset investment by both remarketing complete units and/or harvesting useable sub-components.  Once we assess if the assets have value in the marketplace, we will try and attain the highest possible value for each asset and split the revenue generated from any sales. All transactions are reported back to you in a clear, transparent settlement summary.

Our goal is maximum asset recovery of excess electronic components and e-Waste stream, while eliminating downstream environmental liabilities.

ITAD Services

In today’s global business environment, the goals and requirements of organizations are constantly changing and supply chain requirements play a big role in how end-of-life and/or obsolete electronic equipment is retired.  Additionally, the retirement process poses significant environmental and data security risks, making your vendor selection process extremely important.

AER Worldwide’s strategically placed global ISO-14001 certified facilities allow for a comprehensive set of customizable solutions to handle the disposition of your electronic assets in a manner that is secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Electronics Recycling

Global environmental responsibility is only the beginning of end-of-life asset recycling.  By choosing a low-cost recycling partner without a good reputation you open yourself up to risks like:
  • Counterfeiting
    Proprietary items being sold on the open market.
  • Data Theft 
    Company, customer or employee information stolen with intent of being used fraudulently.
  • Dumping 
    Improperly disposed of electronics/metal bearing equipment can leach metals into the soil and contaminate water supplies which can result in fines, negative publicity and even loss of business.
  • Storage Costs
    Associated with storing equipment rather than having to deal with finding a solution for properly processing the material.

A reputable partner like AER Worldwide can mitigate those risks and provide customized global solutions to handle your entire end-of-life material management needs.  Assets that cannot be reused or remarketed are recycled using our ISO 14001 certified processes and are de-manufactured, separating the components by primary materials and using them to generate commodity-grade materials such as Plastic, Copper, Steel, Gold and other metals.

Data Security

AER’s industry leading hardware retirement process ensures that every IT asset received is handled and processed with the utmost care.  Our secure chain-of-custody procedures enables us to eliminate the risk for environmental and data security liabilities associated with the handling of IT assets. Depending on your organization’s risk tolerance, AER can offer a data-security solution to satisfy even your most demanding business requirements.