There are many parts of running a company that can be risky, and IT Asset Management (ITAM) is one of them.  As someone who is managing a company, this is one area you do not want to overlook.  Companies can save a lot of money by having a good IT Asset Management system .  There are a few ways of saving.  One is by purchasing only necessary equipment.  The second is keeping equipment software up to date without missing needed upgrades.  Lastly, disposing equipment with legally and safely.  The article IT asset management: How to be efficient has information that is important to a company’s IT Asset Management success.

Companies should keep inventory of their equipment through some kind of an ITAM.  With this they can easily keep track of the equipment that they purchase that is available for use.  This comes in handy when new employees start, or when old equipment may stop working or become too old.  Companies can keep inventory by using a simple spreadsheet. Although this process is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest method, it may not always be the best.  The system depends on correct user input and management.  This, often times, can be forgotten, mishandled, or have several chances for user error.  In addition, ideally the file would be kept on a shared drive so that all employees can access it, which isn’t very secure.

Another way of keeping inventory is by purchasing IT Asset Management software that is set up for this very purpose.  Many companies depend on their IT team to handle these programs. Again, this system can work as long as the IT team is efficient and is regularly updating the program.  However, this method is dependent on an IT team who has many other responsibilities.  Therefore, this method, as well, may be less efficient and lack complete success.

The last method is to be to outsource to an IT Asset Management company.  The job of the IT Asset Management company is to do all the work for you.  This is their main focus and they don’t have any other IT issues to distract them from ITAM.  Therefore, there’s little chance of error.  In addition, when an ITAM company is in charge of your inventory assets, they will also keep track of any updates or upgrades that are available for your equipment.  This keeps your equipment properly maintained and working with the most up to date technology.

In addition to keeping inventory and what systems have upgrades available, an IT Asset Management company maintains your equipment.  This is a very useful source for when your electronics become obsolete, too slow, or out of date to be used.  When the end of life comes to a piece of equipment, there are many things to consider, but most importantly, that it is disposed of safely and legally.

An IT Asset Management company can help with this process, and many also provide this additional service (IT Asset Disposition) for your company.  With this, there’s practically zero risk to your company.  These companies should be Certified Electronics Recyclers.  With this certification, it means they pass all qualifications to have equipment disposed of in a legally and environmentally safe way.  Without this, companies can be held accountable, legally and financially, for any damage done without the proper and certified method.   IT Asset Management companies will not only provide all these services to your company, but also give you the security that you are not putting your company at risk.