Fremont, CA (May 12, 2016) – AER Worldwide is exhibiting at the IAITAM Spring Ace Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana this week.   The IAITAM Spring ACE has yet to disappoint!  The opening session was amazing as we had the chance to listen to Eric Wahl.  Eric is an American graffiti artist and shared with us his thoughts in the importance of a creative perception.  He stated that it is good to have the confidence to present ideas like a child presents their art, before they are at the age where fear of judgement holds them back.  The simplicity of things and being honest with oneself is what’s most important.

The day has been jam packed with great sessions.  There have been many session on data wiping, IT asset disposal, lean practices and IT asset management for the data center.  All of these topics fit in the areas where AER Worldwide provide services.  With exhibiting at this conference and meeting the many professionals here looking for solutions, AER Worldwide is in a great place to showcase their services.

The conference is divided into three groups. There are the IT SM managers, the IT asset disposition groups, and software managers; so a very diverse group. The IAITAM organization has provided many great opportunities for us to network, share in thought leadership and have an enjoyable time.

It is wonderful to see so many professionals who care about what they do.  Everyone here has come to learn and to share concepts.  This conference thus far has been very collaborative.  AER Worldwide has many competitors here, and even with that competition, we are all excited to mingle together, help each other and provide insights about the industry. These people are true professionals.

About AER Worldwide

AER Worldwide mitigates risk and provides global solution to handle your entire end-of-life materials management needs. We provide eco-friendly solutions and services throughout the entire IT product life cycle. Our Reverse Logistics efforts, or “aftermarket” services, help organizations after the initial sale and provide IT asset disposition support throughout the life of the equipment. With global locations, AER Worldwide will provide eco-friendly services, with certified brand protection techniques. To learn more about AER Worldwide, visit