As we get ready for Earth Day next week, we all look for opportunities to help make our plant a bit cleaner and a better place to live. This year will also mark the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Since 1970 the world has been working hard together to provide consciousness for all of us to work hard for a more environmentally better world.

And as we celebrate earth day next week, this is more than a day to recycle or plant a tree, this day is a great day to remind us all of our opportunities and responsibilities to keep our planet clean everyday.

To get us all ready for April 22nd, here are a few ideas to help us celebrate the day and to get us started for the next year:

  1. Conserve water: With many states having water shortages, turning off water and even filling a cup while you brush your teeth is a simple way to help conserve.
  2. Turn off lights: When you leave that room, turn off those lights. This will help reduce your energy usage. Also, look to replacing your light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs.
  3. Think before you print: With the digital age here and so much technology at our finger tips, we should look to using our devices before we print to paper. Simple things like having online notices for bills and subscriptions will help lesson the waste of paper.
  4. Adjust your water heater: Did you know that water heaters are heating up water that is too hot for humans to use? Most water heaters are set to heat water to 140 degrees. Way to hot for us, and probably you as well. We can handle temperatures of 120 degrees or less, so look to lower your water heater to save some energy.
  5. For a company, look to change from water bottles or plastic cups to reusing what you have or having employees bring their own glasses from home. The amount of waste from plastic cups and bottles each year is staggering and can save companies a lot of money.

These are just a few ideas we suggest. We have found that looking to be a greener company provides confidence to your customers and saves the company thousands of dollars each year.

We hope you enjoyed our tips. Visit us for more ideas and how AER Worldwide can help your company become more green.

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