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Environmental Responsibility In IT Asset Recovery


AER Worldwide mitigates risk and provides global solution to handle your entire end-of-life materials management needs. We provide eco-friendly solutions and services throughout the entire IT product life cycle. Our Reverse Logistics efforts or “aftermarket” services help organizations after the initial sale and provide IT asset disposition support through the life of the equipment.

We work to provide a protected solution by protecting the assets through the reverse lifecycle, while at the same time, protecting the company brand as well. Environmentally focused, you can be assured that AER Worldwide will work to reduce waste, recoup value and protect your brand. We focus on the three R’s; reduce, reuse and recycle as part of our core in this effort. Within this efforts, focus our attention on reuse as much as possible by adding new life to expired or unused and unwanted components and equipment.

At all times, AER Worldwide will provide a clean and green solution, while mitigating any carbon footprint through our certifications and our internal processes. AER’s environmental policies are not only constant with the R2, RIOS and ISO 14001 certifications we hold, but we also require meticulousness processing and disposition for all materials, throughout the entire reverse process and in all geographies.

Our Commitment

At AER Worldwide, and as a client, you can be confident that your equipment is properly processed and disposed of in an eco-friendly and compliant manner. You can be assured that your brand will be protected throughout this entire process.

For more information on AER’s dedication to the environment, contact us.