Data center Decommissioning has recently become an evolving function in the business world.  This is more than just IT Asset Disposal or Excess Inventory Management (including Remarketing and Consignment).  It’s about closing or merging a data center.  But without a huge lost to your company’s revenue.

For anyone not familiar with this term, or if your company is seeking more information on Data Center Decommissioning, this article and video from Data Center World Video Interview Series can be quite helpful.  It not only explains what it is, but what companies should be asking.  As well as what the current trends are that a company needs to consider when decommissioning a data center. 

Why does a company need to consider data center decommissioning?  There are several reasons.  Company Relocation.  Needing a larger or smaller facility.  Loss of business or lack of need for the data center.  Company closure.  For anyone one of these reasons, the last thing a company needs is to have a loss when it comes to closing their data center.  Therefore, companies like AERWorldwide are available to make this process easier.  As well as make it least financially burdened. 

An IT Asset Management Company can come into your facility and do all the work for you.  Since they have experience in data center decommissioning, there is no guess work on your part.  You will know that your company will be put first in the process.  And the hardship of time and labor will be the least of your worries. 

In addition, your company will also be able to continue with your normal workload to keep your company afloat.  This can be a major benefit in Data Center Decommissioning.  Companies don’t need their employees putting off their “job” while focusing on something else.  Especially when that something else is not revenue promoting.  

Lastly, the goal with this process is to not just get rid of items as fast as possible.  But it’s also to make the best return on investment possible.  So your equipment will be individually reviewed and taken into account.  Your IT Asset Management Company will find the best outcome for that equipment so you can make as much money back as possible. So outsourcing your Data Center Decommissioning to an IT Asset Management Company is a big win in many areas.