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Reverse Supply Chain – Shopping Season Returns

Reverse Supply Chain is just as it seems.  It is what happens to items once they are in the customer’s possession.  Forward supply chain is the process if designing, manufacturing, and selling items.  But after the selling takes place, what happens to these... Read More

Reuse and Recycle – Regulations

The article titled How U.S. Laws Do (and Don’t) Support E-Recycling and Reuse addresses many issues the United States has with e-waste regulations.  E-waste is a high priority and demanding practice.  Without it, our planet will be polluted.  Electronics and hazardous materials would... Read More

Sustainability – End of Life

Per the dictionary, Sustainability is “the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.”  Our society is still trying to learn this concept.  As well as adapt to this practice.  Without sustainability... Read More

Data Security

The 21st century has brought our technology to a new level.  New devices have become available that make life even more convenient.  Electronics have become smaller, lighter, more accessible, and indispensable.  In addition, information has become abundantly available, convenient, and... Read More

Holiday Returns

The shopping season is at it’s peak, and manufacturers and retailers are busier than ever.  One may think once December is over, the hectic retail business has grown profitably.  Also that they may get a break from the hustle and... Read More

Repair or Waste

To buy new or to repair – this is the question.  When a used electronic stops working, consumers have these two choices.  Unfortunately, we live in a world now where many expect instant gratification. Instead of putting money into an... Read More

Repair preferred over New Phone Models?

Do consumers want new phone models often, or would they prefer longevity in their old phone?  Whenever a new phone model comes out, consumers see plenty of advertisements on TV, internet, and other sources of media.  In addition, we also... Read More

CRT Glass Recycling

The article “What is Blocking CRT Glass Recycling” is a very informative piece.  It discusses what CRT glass is and why it needs recycling.  It also includes information on why CRT Glass has become difficult to recycle.  However, the alternative... Read More

Plastic – A Waste Of Gold

Plastic was one of the best inventions.  When plastic was new, companies treated it like a gold mine. They realized that the material was cheap, easy to make and mold into any shape, and all around convenient. Plastic became a staple... Read More

Recycling is for Everyone

Recycling is important, and everyone, adults and children, need to do it. We need to start teaching children how to recycle. The earlier we start teaching children, the easier it will be for them.  If they grow up recycling, they will... Read More