As a customer, patient, client, member, patron, employee, or associate, we are constantly filling out and submitting confidential information, personal asset management is starting. As the school year starts, several information sheets are sent home to be filled out and turned in – usually with repeat information on a variety of forms. Every time you visit a doctor, your personal information is verified or submitted to make sure they are up to date. Credit card applications, flight information, online purchases, all require personal information to be surrendered, and with all that taking place, one would assume that their information is being kept confidential, safe, and secure. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time. This article reveals how a business in Midland, Texas was caught disposing of employee confidential files in an open dumpster, making these employees information and identity at extreme risk for theft and fraud. There are companies that can take on this responsibility to make it easier, and instead of taking the proper steps to have these files shredded and then disposed of, yet the company decided to take their employee’s personal identity and lives at risk and save a few dollars by just throwing the files into an open trash can.

The same applies to unwanted or old electronic equipment that needs to be disposed of. There are proper steps that computers and personal electronics need to go through to be sure to all confidential information is cleared and doesn’t put a company or individual at risk for theft or fraud. Just as there are paper shredding companies that do the work, there are also IT Asset Management and IT Asset Disposition companies who take care of this, so companies who have other focuses can do just that – focus on their business – without concern, and without putting their company and employees in danger. This is not something to take lightly – but is a major concern that should be considered with any company or individual who uses electronics.


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