Fremont, CA (April 17, 2016) – AER Worldwide, a solutions provider of end-of-life IT assets, reverse logistics and  recycling, planted over 3,000 trees to continue their support of the environment and the upcoming Trees for Earth campaign being launched this Friday.  This is a continued effort to be a lead in the community as well as the recycling industry.

Being environmentally conscious is a key part in the day-to-day efforts for AER Worldwide.  As a company that provides services in the recycling industry, looking for ways to keep the planet clean is a conscious effort for the leadership team at AER Worldwide.

Recently, to continue the commitment to the environment and planet, AER Worldwide took on a large project to plant trees in their local community. In Central Valley, California, Stillwater Farm holds 275 acres of land that has taken its toll from the weather and beavers in the area. Beavers have cut down the majority of the trees and left the water no boundaries. This has destroyed the current vegetation and the current tree life is dried up and dead.

AER Worldwide planned and executed the effort to support this land by committing to plant 6000 trees in a 12-year time frame. The first set of trees began being planted in early 2007, and as water has been available, the trees have continued to be planted and taken root over the years.

The process to plant these trees included the clearing of land and turning the dirt to reveal the fresh soil. The AER team has planted various water grasses to help control the flowing sediment, and to provide ducks and birds winter food and cover as well

“It has been a two fold goal of mine, a dream to help do more for our planet.” Said AER Worldwide CEO, Andre’ Weiglein.” First, is to return this land back to its natural state. I have seen this land become run over by beavers. We want the wildlife to thrive here and planting these trees and grasses has been the first step. Secondly, as a recycling company, we have the opportunity to help companies’ everyday with their environmental issues. We see first hand the efforts we put in to keep our planet in good condition. The second part of this dream is to help the community in the same way. Something we felt could be a significant benefit to the community and planet. Planting these 6,000 trees shows our efforts to our planet and our commitment to do as we speak”.

As Earth Day 2016 launches, and the primary focus in Trees for the Earth, AER Worldwide has been a leader in the effort long before this campaign was established.   AER saw the need for an environmentally benefiting campaign for the planet.  This efforts, combined with the #trees4earth campaign, reconfirms AER’s commitment to the environment inside their office walls and out, being an environmental steward for the planet.

About AER Worldwide

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