AER Worldwide (AER), an electronics recycling company, will provide recycling services for the flood victims in Chennai. They will provide a drop off location where one can bring their damaged and destroyed electronics and turn them in for proper recycling to help provide assistance to the Chennai community. AER will pay the individual recycling market value for the damaged electronics. “As clean up begins in the area, we want to make sure that e-waste is recycled properly in our area and data security is maintained, to make sure our city stays clean and does not have future ramification due to improper e-waste disposal.” stated General Manager Jeevan Kumar Voora. Although the AER facility was flooded as well during the rains, AER is working diligently to assist in the clean up efforts and help those affected get back on their feet. AER President, Andre’ Weiglein noted, “We have friends, family and colleagues there. We worry about them and want to do what we can to bring back the clean city. Providing this service does just that, while at the same time putting a little money back in their hands to get back on their feet quickly.” Anyone desiring to use this service can take their items to the AER facility located at : No 774 Elandhanderri, Sadayankuppam Village, Manali New Town, Chennai 600103 or call the following hotline: 91+98 40620257 or send an email to

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